World Heritage Academy is a specialized travel agency, founded in 2006 to provide field services for the travelers, corporate groups and associations. We are specialized on programs which has personal touches to make your trip unique.

Our experienced staff is composed of guides, travel planners, researchers, academicians, artists, scenarist.

WHA Project management team customizes the travel incentive programs with an effective sales kit of presentations, workshops and gifts. At the end, the memorable work of art will be handed over to the travelers. WHA programs are filled with the incredible sites of World Heritages in Turkey. Our guests will have detailed explanations about the sites from the expert guides or academicians.

Traditional arts of Turkey is another concept which we would like to introduce to the world.
We organize workshops for our guests during their trip with the researches. Our guests will enjoy learning and making Turkish arts such as ; production of tile, lace, glassware, mosaic, felt, marbling, miniature drawings, meerchaum crafting, edirnekari(painting on wood), margutery(wood carving art), tezhip(traditional Ottoman painting made with gold), wood printing, hat(calligraphy), Turkish belly dance, reverse glass painting, arts of Turkish cuisine, katı (art of paper cutting). Our guests will be able to take their piece of art back their home.


World Heritages Academy has been creating remarkable travel programs for corporate clients as well.We start with a clear understanding of your needs and then create a customized trip that applies a detailed and creative approach to take your travel plans from ordinary to extra ordinary. From beginning to the end, you can rest assured that the details of each trip are in our hands.

Our personel touches are very important and each trip is staffed by friendly and capable personalities that enjoy sharing their love of travel.

We are continually providing educations for our guides and staff to help us provide a higher level of service.

World Heritages Academy is commited to protect the character of the places we visit.Our love and passion to the World and the different cultures around us inspires us to remain passionate about travel and to help others in experiencinge the destinations we treasure.

Therefore, we are committed to:

• Create travel programs going beneath the surface to explore the complexity and diversity of our destinations in all their richness.
• Provide opportunies to interact with local peoples from different walks of life.
• Offer insightful background and interpretation of what we encounter in our trips.
• Design flexible programs meeting individual travel interests over a broad range of cultural, environmental and social areas.
• Ensure that your safety and health is our top priority in all phases of planning and trip logistics.
• Support local craftsmen, artisans and artists in order to promote traditional and contemporary arts.
• Contribute to the organizations promoting and preserving the traditional cultures.

Anyone sharing our passion of travel and our commitment to respect and preserve the community , culture and environment of our destinations is welcome to the world of the WHA…