Do you get confused in figuring out which wine is for which meal? You are not alone. Because of same reason, many people hesitate to try new tastes. The path to choosing the right one passes through experience and knowledge. Therefore, you should not miss opportunities to try different tastes. The trick in matching the meal with right wine is to ensure that they would be tasteful together.

When the wine and the meal are ordered parallel in aroma, taste, consistency and structure, you will be obtained the secret of the wine tasting. Let us give you a basic formula. If you taste white before red, dry before sweet, cooled before temperature, delicate and soft before spicy, light before hard, less before more alcoholic, young before aged, you will be able to enjoy both the wine and the meal.

When you match the wine with the right and suitable meal, you will get an awesome taste in food and wine. Well then, which wine can you match with the meal you prepared?

If you would like to take the first step to the pleasant world of wine and to learn about wine tasting and identifying which would be useful in your daily life, “Wine Tasting in 5 Steps” is meant for you. With this 2-hour workshop, you will examine the view of the wine, smell it, learn to taste it and maybe get a new hobby!