Rafting is done with the boats called raft. These boats are preferred because they can move in any kind of flowing water and are made of steady materials. As you can see on the above picture, everyone on the boat pulls an oar. There is not any fixed place for oars; oarswomen/men sit on the sides of the boat and pull. The guide sits on the back side and directs the others with instructions and controls the boat. Rafting is a very easy and safe outdoor sport, when it is done with an experienced guide. When it takes a years-long training to be able to cross a river at class 4 or 5 with vehicles like canoe or boards, rafting can be done after a couple of hours briefing and a short emergency practice with an experienced guide.

In Dalaman stream which is available for rafting during all year long, the water level rises especially in September and October. It flows between occasional passages creating small waterfalls. These passages divide the stream into two parts on Akkopru village. The upper part’s difficulty is at 5th degree. The down part is at 3rd-4th degree. At Akkopru, the water flow slows down, its’ difficulty decreases to 3rd degree.

Canoeing is done with licensed trainers and guides through the endless beauties on Esen stream and it ends at ancient Patara city having 18 km beach. During the approximately 15 km course, you will have lunch, mud-bath and swimming breaks. All kinds of measures are taken, the adventurers are insured and trainings are given by the travel agencies to provide a safe excursion. During the 6-hour adventure, you will come across the small waterfalls and whirlpools on that calm stream.