Surfing is an outdoor sports becoming more popular every day. Its popularity is increasing amongst young or old, woman or man in Turkey surrounded with sea on three sides. It is not easy to succeed in competing against both your opponents and the wind and nature on the sea. Here we will give information on the surfing centers in where you can learn how to designate the direction of the wind and to stand in balance on the surfing board and you can experience the adrenaline at the peak.

Windsurfing started in California in USA approximately 40 years ago after two friends, Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer designed a board by assembling a sail on the board they had been using for surfing. It was recognized as an Olympic sports branch by the world in Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. It arrived in Turkey in 1980s. It was started by a group of surf-lover Europeans in Çeşme and Bodrum. At the beginning, it was like hobby provided by few places. As the surfing centers opened one after another, the number of the surfing enthusiasts increased as well. Turkey with its beaches from north to south with available wind for surfing has become one of the most popular surf centers in the world.


Even if you cannot swim, you can learn surfing

Alaçatı beach 70 km to İzmir and 10 minutes far from Çeşme is an important center for windsurf not just in Turkey but also worldwide. It has been a popular place amongst the surfers for more than 15 years. The peak season is between April and November. The most significant characteristic of this fine sandy beach having the awesome wind for surfing is that the sea depth is not more than one meter for about 700 meters from the coast. By this means, even the ones who do not know how to swim can windsurf. Alaçatı is windy ever day of the year. Wind blows ninety percent from the north during summer. In winter, wave surfing is quite pleasant in Alaçatı because it receives southwest wind. Alaçatı has what the surfers look for; the strong wind and the calm sea…


Just the right place for the new surfers

Ilıca beach as the longest beach of Çeşme and one of the specials in the world is ideal with its fine, white sand for the starters. It has an approximately 100 meter line less than a human length.


The most popular surf location in Istanbul

For the windsurf enthusiast in Istanbul, Mimarsinan near the Büyükçekmece Lake is the first address. It is the favorite and the most suitable windsurfing location of Istanbul receiving the Thracian winds. The most suitable winds start in July and continues until the end of October. Mimarsinan also hosts the Turkey Windsurf Championship.


It is the choice of the ones who don’t like crowd

Seferihisar Akkum beach is one of the best locations for surfing in Turkey and another surfing choice in İzmir. It is the right place for the ones looking to enjoy from the sea away from the crowd.


Keeping its blue flag for four years

Tekirdağ Şarköy beach located 200 km far from Istanbul is awarded with blue flag for 4 years. The reason of its popularity for the surfers coming to Istanbul is that it always has northeaster and it also is a peaceful holiday spot far from the eyes. Because the sea is shallow, for 70-80 meters at some areas, it is very suitable for the starters.


Constant strong winds during summer

The greatest advantage for the surfers is that Datça Peninsula receives strong winds from all of its sides. The afternoon is the ideal time to catch this wind during summer. Because the wind is strong, it is not recommended for the starters. Datça often hosts international surfing championships.


Mostly preferred by the foreign surfers

Gökçeada became one of the surfing centers of Turkey with the surfing school and facilities in Aydıncık beach. Gökçeada mostly visited by the foreign surfers has continuous wind for 300 days of the year without wave in the sea. As a result, it very suitable for the windsurf enthusiasts.


Never lack of the famous Aegean breeze

Turgutreis and Akyarlar bays in Bodrum peninsula are becoming important for surfing sport. Its popularity increased with the recently opened surfing schools but not as much as of Alaçatı. It always receives the Aegean breeze. However, because the sea is deep, it is not suitable for the starters.