The North Cyprus is a paradise island in Mediterranean with its untouched natural beauties, friendly people, kilometers long coast which is washed with sun during almost the whole year, golden beaches and spectacular history of 9000 years. You come across with the crusade castles dominating the Beşparmak Mountains along with the gothic churches, the ruins of the temples and the samples of the British colonial architecture as the fantastic mixture of the history.

North Cyprus owns the spotless beaches which is hard to find in Mediterranean. There are various coasts and opportunities for swimmers from luxurious beaches of the grand hotels to magnificent beaches of the small hotels hid behind the sand hills. The golden beaches located on the eastern coast between Gazimağusa and Boğazreaches to 15 miles. There also are beaches at north on both sides of Girne with bars and various sports activities. Besides, the remote bays along 20 miles beautify your view.

The visitors coming to North Cyprus are always welcomed and impressed with the Cypriot Turkish people’s hospitality and generousness as well as their warmth and friendliness. Their traditional hospitality is described as “… we were hosted like kings, with hookah and coffee. Then each of us was offered putty… followed a sorbet… then rosewater wassprinkled on us and we were incensed by a smelt coming from a silver censer” by Charles C. Flankland in 1827.