If you want to learn about the feeling of flying free as the birds, you can live the technical details to your pilot and enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

Paragliding sport is basically formed of running on a high heel and taking off. Parachute is spread open on a sloping and high hill. When the pilot runs forward, it fills with air and rises with the pilot.

The duration of the flights can take couple of hours as to the performance of the materials used and the experience of the pilot.

During the flight controlled by an experienced pilot, if you could catch the hot air flows called “thermal”, the flight can take longer. These air flows moving vertically can take paragliders thousands of meters higher and kilometers further. So, the distance and height increase.

After this adrenalin filled adventure of approximately 30 minutes, you will still be seeing unique views and maybe will not forget. Paragliding can be done in anywhere, but you would always remember the one you do in Olüdeniz.