Do you want to sport in touch with nature? Trekking is the one of easiest ones of the outdoor sports. It means a long and tiring walk. And hiking means one-day outdoor visit. Trekking word originated in English means “to journey on foot especially through mountainous areas”. The original meaning is “migrating by an ox wagon or on foot” in South Africa.

Anyone from all ages can do trekking and hiking. There are many places in Turkey suitable for these activities. The travel agencies arrange tours in many small regions, mountain villages, uplands mainly in Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara regions.

Duration of trekking and hiking varies by the difficulty level of the track. A middle level track takes approximately 5-6 hours. It’s a sport activity for people who want to get away from the crowded, noisy city life even for a short time, to spend a day with the nature and to share the natural beauties with the group friends. The aim is to keep up with the natural life long-awaited in the city even for one day. You should also run the risk of some tiresome with it for sure.