Carpet is a piece of art requiring the most technical and creative skills among weaving work and pieces. There are just two knotting techniques in the world; Turkish and Persian knot. When the archeologists had unearthed a carpet sized 1.9 x 2 meters in fifth cairn in Pazirik region of Altay mountains, it was examined and determined as a Turkish knot. Thus, this Turkish knot from 3rd and 5th centuries BC was proved that the carpet had been introduced by Turkish because there had not been any older Persian carpet. To prevent discoloration, the wool used in carpets is processed with madders. And because its’ fibers are steady, the carpets are long lived. When the knots are many in each centimeter square, the carpet lives longer. As a result of these traditions of hundreds of years, the hand woven carpets and kilims of Turkey are well appreciated in all around the world.