Golf which is played in a 18-section turf with natural and manmade barriers on it, was born 5 centuries ago. Golf may seem monotonous and simple, but it has many important rules, exciting competitions, great fans and even funny stories. It opened up to the world from UK. There are interesting stories about its birth. One rumor is about the Scottish sailors. As to this rumor, when the Scottish sailors had landed, they would walk with sticks in their hands hitting the stones on their road. This caught British aristocrats’ attention and they developed this “stick-stone” play and carried it on to the turfs.

Golf requires concentration and ethical manners as well as physical strength. It is completed with 70 to 72 shoots in approximately 70 hectare field with 18 holes on it. The most important difference of golf is that it can be played by anyone at all ages.

You can play golf on your own without a partner. It is the only sport which you fight just against a field. It is also very useful for health to walk at least 6 km in a green field for 4-5 hours and to do 100-150 shoots.

Golf is also a game of the mind. During the game, you have to concentrate. It’s not possible to shoot when your mind is at somewhere else. And below are rules to be necessarily followed: You shouldn’t wear shirts or jeans in the golf course. You cannot get into the golf course without golf shoes. The players cannot talk to or stand near the one making the stroke.

You cannot stand on the line of the other players.

The flagpole should not damage the hole.

A player should clean all of her/his tracks and holes before s/he moves.