The group of 3000 islands and islets located in the 23000 kilometer square area between the Greece peninsula and the Anatolian peninsula is called Aegean Islands.


Rhodes Islandis the biggest of the 12 islands under Greece government. It is under protection of UNESCO as a “cultural heritage”. Its coasts meet Aegean Sea on west and Mediterranean on east. It is very attractive because of its location and its always sun-soaked beaches with their ancient beauties bearing the traces of the St John’s knights. It is believed that the mythological gods had created Rhodes from the sea for the god of sun “Helios”. It is a great place to discover in any season of the year.


Crete is a unique island considering its history and culture. It is the most suitable and popular amongst the Greek islands in terms of tourism. Crete had survived many historical spots and now has many remaining ruins. White houses contribute to the magnificent view of Crete. You can walk around the historical houses, building and ruins from the ancient Greeks. And you can also take a boat tour and get more of the beauty of the blue. There also are other places where you can visit in Crete, such as archeological sites in Faistos and Knossos Gortis, Samaria Gates,Venıce Castle and AradenaimRemos.


Lesvos is the largest 3rd island in Greece. It was established in 10th century BC. It had been ruled by the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottomans. Eressos in where the woman poet Sappho had lived in is one of the must-see places. There on the walls on Eressos beach, you can see the writings of the famous poet. Tens of thousands women from all around the world visit Eressos beach to see these writings and daydream against the seascape. One of the writings says “Good girls to the paradise, bad girls to Lesvos.”


Samos, the closest Greek island to Turkey… It is called Susam in Turkish (sisam in English) since the island had provided the sesame need of Ottomans for a long time. It is also the first island gained its independence from the Ottomans. It is one of the 12 ancient Ionian cities – 10 of them are within the boarders of the Turkish Republic-.


It is the first amongst 12 islands occupied by the Ottomans. Its name is given because of the mastic trees covering almost whole north part of the island. Today it is a district of the “Eastern Aegean Islands” state of Greece. Ottoman traces can be seen in the center of Chios. In the villages which had been established to escape from the pirates, you can also see the Middle Age traces. In the famous Emporeio beach of Chios, there are traditional Greek taverns. Chios is the cheapest island after Samos. A great meal would cost 20-25 € per person. You can also taste Greek version of traditional Turkish dishes, such as Izmir Köftesi (Izmir style meatball, “sucukakiZmirnika” in Greek), Karnıyarık (an eggplant with minced meat, “pabucakizmirnika” in Greek).


Mykonos is the most exclusive of the Greece islands. The most vibrant nightlife and entertainment venues of Aegean Sea are in this island. Because it hosts the visitors with different sexual preferences, it has the wildest living style of all Greece islands. You can find anything here, non-stop life, bars, night clubs, entertainment center and restaurants, in short anything you can join in its move. Besides, white houses with colored balconies, mills along its coast make you taste the Greek culture in Mykonos. It is especially popular in world jet set. Night life and fun is all in here. You can spend your holiday, do shopping and fun. The island is also a catch for the divers.


Santorini is one of the most popular islands for honeymoon. The whole island depends on tourism. Every year, a million tourists visit the island to see the Santorinicrater.

The couples have their wedding ceremony accompanied by a spectacular sunset view in crater and then spend an unforgettable honeymoon. The crater which had formed as a result of a volcanic eruption thousands years ago is the main reason in the island’s becoming a popular touristic place.

The crater view looks like a crescent. And if you like such consequent mystical and beautiful state associated with the island, Santorini is right for you.

At the same time it has a mythological history. It is believed by several archeologists that the Atlantis community had lived in the island.