Hıdrellez is one of the feasts in Turkish world. Hıdrellez day is considered to be the day on which Prophets Hizir and Ilyas meet on the earth. Thus, Hıdrellez, May 5th night, is the day on which the winter ends and the warm summer days begin. Various ideas are suggested about the origin of Hıdrellez. Some suggest that Hıdrellez is of Mezopotamia and Anatolia cultures, some suggest it is originated in Asian Turkish culture and beliefs before Islam. Different activities are performed on Hıdrellez night, because it is believed that Hızır will bring abundance to the places he visits and the things he touches. The pots, warehouses and purses are left open. If people wishing for a house, farm, car leave a model of their wish under a rose tree on Hıdrellez night, it is believed that Hızır would help them. And they write their wishes on a paper and wrap it with a red band and hang it on a tree. They wait for they wish to come true for a year. Some people also light a fire, make a wish and jump over the fire. Hıdrellez festivities are generally held in the green areas, waterfront or mausoleum or entombed saint.