When you have the knowledge and experience of photography, the photo excursions become important. An energetic person of course starts to look for the variety in the nature.

After sometime you look for the specific themes, like nature, human, work, street, animals, macro, mountains, underwater…

You can always go on an excursion individually. You can also try group excursions provided by WHA. The tour guides know the roads, places when you don’t. However, in group excursions the group may not want to stop by and wait at the places you want. The tour should be completed as a group. Then, you can always consider your personal choices. Of course, it is totally up to you to examine the choices which would be enriched by the researches and experiments.

Even if it is done individually or within a small group, the destinations of the excursions should be visited before. You should determine your aim. You should designate each and every step before. Assuming having a digital SLR camera, you should also bring following items with you:

Waterproof backpack
Additional battery
Usual and telephoto lens
Clothes as to the weather
Water etc.

In time, you will understand the importance of the time for photography. The evening and morning lights are different. The evening light is great, right at the end of the daylight when the sky is blue, before the night comes. You can catch the golden morning lights before the sun comes out. The mountain, country excursions are mostly done in daylight. In both cases, as you learn the secrets of the photography, you will take wonderful photos.

Here are some tips for photography enthusiasts. You can look for different shots instead of taking photos of everything you see. You should immediately delete the photos you don’t like. You should take notes of your experiences especially at the beginning to use them later.