Birgi is located within the Aegean Region, 121 km away from the Province of Izmir, 10 km away from the District of Odemiş. Birgi and its vicinity, which were located within the Lydia Region during the Ancient Period, fell respectively under the hegemonies of the Phrygian Civilization (750-680 BC), the Lydian Civilization (680-546 BC.), the Persian Regency, the Pergamon Regency, the Roman Empire and the Byzantium. During the Period of the Anatolian Beyliks (Sultanates), it was under control of the Aydınoğlu Sultanate of which it was the capital city in the XIIIth and XIVth centuries. In 1426, Birgi was under control of the Ottoman Empire. Its efficiency as the management and cultural centre continued till the XVII century.There are still remains of the many civilisations that Birgi hosted; such as many tombs, madrasa, dar-ül hadis, mosques, fountains, baths, libraries, masjid and residences which reflect the architectural and cultural features of the Period of the Anatolian Beyliks (Sultanates) and the Ottoman Empire, as well as houses dated to the 18th century and the following centuries.The spolia materials used in the civil architecture buildings particularly in the fountains carry the traces of the previous periods. In addition, the traditional buildings constructed on the walls erected during the late Byzantium Period provide a possibility to follow together two purposes oriented the structure.