Based on the records, skiing known as “çana” by ancient Turks had been used for walking on the snow around Baikal Lake in B.C. 4000. The ski arrived in Scandinavian countries through migrations, started to become widespread in Europe after 18th century. The skis which had been first manufactured in a large number in a carpenter shop in Haliç (in Golden Horn) in Turkey in 1914 were transported on animals to Erzurum. And 30 skiers were trained there as skier privates for Caucasian front. Skiing was first introduced as a sport in Turkey by a leading group of teachers from Galatasaray High School whom skied on Uludağ Mountain on January 1st, 1933. Skiing is a passion. You would be free while skiing on the mountains. You stay alone with the nature away from stress. Skiing is also one of the rare sports to be done as a family.

Below are the 10 golden rules of the skiing:

1. Be aware of the other skiers: You should act in a way which would not threaten the other skiers.
2. Control your speed and skis: Your speed should be based on your skills and the conditions.
3. Determination of the skiing route: A skier should use ski run in a way not to threaten the skiers in front.
4. Crossing another skier: When you are getting ahead, you should leave a space in which the other skiers can move easily. 5. Stopping and moving: If a skier will move again after s/he stops, s/he should control her/his surroundings before.
6. Making a stop: You should not stop at the narrow spots in where moving and sight is limited.
7. Going upwards: A skiers must follow the cautions, directions and signs on the ski run.
9. First aid: Every skier should help the victim of an accident.
10. Identification: Every skier should carry her/his ID while skiing.

The number of the people in winter sports has significantly increased in last 20 years in Turkey. The important thing in any work is to have the right and reliable information in hand. However, it is hard to say that the people engaged in winter holiday and sports are equipped with the technical knowledge.